Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thank You So Much, Gwen Stefani

That song came out (or got popular on the radio, or whatever...) when Quirky was about 20 months old and Scrappy was just a little one riding backwards in her carseat. We drove around that Spring with the windows down and the wee man would sing out "Woo Hoo- Hee Hoo!" at the top of his little voice. It was adorable. But I didn't think much about the words.

It sounds cliche, but we're so bombarded these days by images and news. The internet, cell phones, texting, message boards, CNN and Fox News, DVR's, etc. It seems like everyone needs a way to connect. And I play right into it, trust me. I text like a mad teenager, LOVE interacting with friends on facebook and my fave messageboard, and watch the Today Show religiously.

Let's face it: I'm a people person- and the internet offers me one more way to push my sorry self onto others.

I haven't listened to the radio in a long time. The kids always have some crazy assed story to tell me or a thousand questions to ask. ("Mom, what is a 'situation'?" asks Quirky). Or I'm on the ridiculous phone chatting away and organizing my completely overscheduled with nothing serious life.

So last week I threw the kids in the car, got some red iced Shipley donuts, and just jammed out to Cheap Trick. So very good. And lately at night I've been getting back to my big old stack of novels and short stories. And I've been in total ESCAPE mode.

Most of you are probably heaving huge sighs of relief that the big old puppy dog named Alex is not licking your face constantly.