Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pushing Up Daisies


I'm engaged in full fledged warfare. With my irrigation system. Look what I come downstairs to find each morning outside of my kitchen window.

It's so defeating and disappointing. Look where they're coming from.

Aren't the little window boxes outside of my guest room cute? It's my attempt to break up the monotony of the brick and concrete. (note- it's an ATTEMPT) But the flowers just don't want to stay there.

My sprinkler system has decided to push these little geraniums or daisies (or whatever they are) up out of their cozy dirt home each day. I guess the water pressure is just too much. I keep trying to replant and move the flowers farther away from the nozzle heads, but I keep losing the battle.


How long do you think these will last? Another two weeks- tops. I'm not trained for the fight.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Why Can't??

Just for today-

I wish people would just LISTEN to my question,

I want to paint the living room, got it???? Not purple, just eggshell.

But Boss Man, if you don't give me the answer that I want I'll slip you an ambien and paint it rainbow. So there.

Everyone else, give me the answer that I WANT today. Be forewarned.

Monday, October 4, 2010

(Cue Theme Music)

Hell yeah. I've picked my theme song. It came to me as I was walking out to the patio tables yesterday at Mission Burrito, carrying a tray of salads, soups, and kids quesadillas. This bad ass Michael Jackson classic started playing on the sound system. I had to groove.

I am going to be a "bad mama jama." And I intend to be "poetry in motion."

And I am definitely going to blast it out of the windows of my mini van. While in the church school parking lot.