Friday, January 15, 2010

That Friday Feeling

I've got it today- and most Fridays. Remember when we were in high school and would have all kinds of cool plans for the weekend? I recall sitting in Junior English on a warm Spring afternoon soooooo ready to bust outta there. The windows were down (did y'all have those windows that pulled down sort of into the room? They only seem to have those in classrooms) and I could hear a car outside playing Guns n' Roses. Jam on.

These days there isn't much difference between the weekends and the weekdays. I do the same shit everyday. Make beds, get small people dressed, pop waffles in the toaster oven, supervise training wheel bike rides, hang out at the park, blah, blah, blah.... Now that I'm a SAHM the weekends are actually a bit more complicated than the weekdays. I don't get those couple of hour breaks while the kids are at preschool. One would think I wouldn't get That Friday Feeling.

But I do. I admit, I look forward to The Boss Man being around a bit more. I sort of hope he'll do something with me and the kids that doesn't involve the daily drivel of snot wiping and hanging out around the house. Don't get me wrong...I love doing that stuff most days. But a little part of me holds out hope that we'll take a little adventure together so I won't be alone with my thoughts and obsessions about the wee ones.

Last week I wasn't disappointed. It was cold outside so we took the kids on a quick jaunt to the aquarium. Soooo fun. Saw the big tigers, rode the ferris wheel and the carousel, and had a good ole time.

So while Quirky and Scrappy don't quite yet know about the wonders of That Friday Feeling, I do. I'll keep imagining that there is a keg waiting for me somewhere in a sunshiney place, boys to flirt with, girlfriends to giggle with, and all of the delights of the weekend ahead. ahhh....

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  1. I'm sure a kegger can be arranged somehow! he he. And quirky and scrappy are the perfect monkiers for the kiddos. Love it!