Monday, January 11, 2010

She'll never miss any.

You know you do it....

After wrangling with the unintelligible mumbling of the drive thru intercom system you drive up and they hand you a wonderful couple of bags of the best smelling, most forbidden food on the planet. It's hard to even accept the offerings of paper cups of cold drinks that they're even pushing through your window before you reach in the bag.

Then comes the hard part. Driving home to bring the food to your loved ones. The food smells so damned good. And those marvelously salty french fries at the top of the bag are so accessible. Nobody will miss one, right? So then, much like the old Pringles ads, you realize you can't just stop at one. Two? Three? The most difficult question of all: How many can you have before those waiting eagerly and hungrily at home will realize it- You've stolen their french fries.

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