Monday, March 22, 2010

The Boss Man

He'll never admit to his power. As a matter of fact, he says that he is the lowest on the totem pole around here- after the kids, the house, the animals that we used to have, the social and household obligations.... he gets his needs met when the rest of us are all tucked away fat and happy.

There's probably some truth to that.

But I still call him The Boss Man because he likes to have his hand in everything that is going on around him. I've never worked for him- don't really want to, either- but I have some small sense that he micromanages. And here at the house he is kind of my boss. If I think we need a new dryer, I pretty much need to get his thoughts and approval before it's purchased. He is very involved in darn near every aspect of how the daily life/ routine goes around here- and often critical of it.

But I love him for it. I appreciate having a partner that cares so much about what we're doing that he feels the need to be in the middle of it. I often could use a little bit more of a sense that he trusts me to get things done, but it's not a deal breaker.

My dearie, The Boss Man.

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