Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We've been hit by strep. The Boss Man and Scrappy are infected by bacteria. Yes, 50% of our household is now running fever and laid up- thank The Good Lord (and Pasteur) for antibiotics. Also, many thanks go to our good friends Crazy Harry, the pcp, and Charlotte, the pediatrician, for bucking the system and giving us all preventative prescriptions of amoxicillin for when the other 50% of the family goes down. God willing and the creek don't rise, this won't happen.

Found out yesterday that we shared the strep throat love with a friend we played with over the weekend. Oops. sorry.

Clearly this stuff is contagious as Hell.

But you know, all kinds of things are contagious- wildly so.

I've been struck lately by the way attitudes are spread throughout our society. Have you ever noticed that when you're waiting in a doctor's office you are affected by the mood of those around you? When you walk and and everyone is sitting glowering, bitching about the wait time, snarling at children, and generally foul humored it is absolutely catching. I hate it- especially when I'm contributing to the situation. Which happens more than I even like to admit to myself.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is marvelous. The amount of money that the event raises every year to benefit students everywhere is mindblowing. And who wouldn't like to go hang out at a place that serves fried pop-tarts and funnel cakes?? But let me tell you what I think is even better- the attitudes of the volunteers who work there. I simply cannot get over how friendly everyone is. AND THE HAPPINESS IS CONTAGIOUS. When a volunteer wearing a cool cowboy vest and badge notices me trying to read the map about where the goats and pigs are and offers to walk my family there, I am awed. And consequently I even more lovingly compliment the presenters on their prized animals. And then in turn those presenters are more eager to answer questions from the next batch of visitors. And so on.... I'm telling you, the rodeo is the friendly place to be.

A close friend of mine (who I've never even actually met in real life!!) had a crummy day earlier this week. And here's what I noticed about her day: It wasn't actually the events of the day that made it so awful- it was the attitudes of those around her that affected the way she felt. She was trying to do good for a lot of people and those she loved were in a bad mood and NOT keeping it to themselves. Not particularly appreciative, if you know what I mean. It certainly made her mood to go shit, as well.

I was so impressed that the next day she got up, pulled herself up by her bootstraps, and told the world that she was going to change it- simply by her attitude. And it worked! Not only was her daughter in better humor (which I am sure was helped along by her mother's affable countenance) but she even got a home-made dinner on the table (a feat I have yet to achieve in the past two weeks), baking completed, and a two year old kept content and stimulated! Wow- way to go lady!

So, my friends, let's all go out and try to set wildfires today. I'm going to take inspiration from my friend and set those around me ablaze with my fierce optimism. Or go down trying, anyway. Who knows- maybe it will stave off the strep throat, too????

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  1. I love you, Alex! Your writing always hits home - it brings tears to my eyes and puts a smile on my face, often simultaneously!