Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't Go Cheap

My mom and dad never bought nice razors. So when I went off to college I had this underlying opinion that my roomates were being self-indulgent when they bought nice razors.

Of course their legs were smooth and glorious. Mine looked like they had been through a war.

Eventually I got over my tin foil collecting habits (did your grandmothers collect used tinfoil into a little ball? Depression era stuff, I suppose) and broke down and got the luxury drug store brand razors. It was especially cool in the mid nineties when the women's razors got all cool shaped and especially fantastic looking.

I don't know why last week I bought cheap razors at Target. Bad move.

I have just about taken off all of the skin on my shins and ankles. There are Dora bandaids on my heels.

Time to go back to the store.

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