Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yesterday was Quirky's first day of Kindergarten. Now I am all about "back to school." As a teacher type person I will admit that I am downright gooby about new school supplies, cubbies, and having names all over classrooms. Actually, I'm feeling a little giddy just writing about those things now. New pencil boxes marked with your name in sharpie. Yummy.

But the little man was not quite so excited. And the ride to school in the mini-van was like something out of an ABC After School Special. Cash was sitting in his car seat in the way back looking out the window quietly after we dropped Sarah off at preschool... in his old classroom. This was clearly the big time.

Cash: "Mom, can you stay with me the whole time?"

Me: "Nope. But you're going to be fine. You can do it."

Cash: "But what if there are big huge bullies in the "lunch cafeteria" who will beat me up?"

Me: "There won't be. But just in case, Mrs. Overton will be there to help you out. She won't leave you alone today. "

Cash: "OK, but what if I can't do the writing and drawing part and Mrs. Overton will be disappointed?"

Me: "You don't have to worry. All that Mrs. Overton and Mommy and Daddy ever want is for you to try your very hardest, sweetie. Just do the best you can, ok? Everyone will love you for that."

Cash: "OK. I'm going to try to be brave."

Me: (thinking I can distract him by playing the XM Kids Place Live radio station- always good for a kid belly laugh) "Why don't I turn on the radio?"

And guess what played? As we turned on the radio the opening notes of the theme from the Raiders of the Lost Ark came on. I pumped that song up so loud and Cash just grinned and looked out the window and I gripped the steering wheel and we continued on to our next big adventure. And I only cried a little bit about my big brave boy growing up and going to kindergarten.


  1. Aw, he is going to be just fine. That kid is great. Can't believe it but Em starts 1st grade Monday! Thank goodness it's at the old school. Next year is going to be the crying year- M in Kindergarten and Em in 2nd! Aieeeee