Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome to My Inner Soul Train

I don't usually listen to anything while I run. But I was inspired recently by my friend, Ellie, who made a list of her fave running songs and shared them on her blog. She's very hip- much much cooler in her musical taste than I am.

Recently I have been taking to the treadmill more as The Boss Man has been traveling. It sucks, but it's the only way I can get a run in and have the kids somewhat maintained and tended. There are these little t.v. thingies on each treadmill at the gym but they are down on the keyboard sort of in front of you like a tray. I can't manage that. First off it gives me a headache. But more importantly, I would fall on my ass and make quite the spectacle. So I've pulled hooked up the headphones to the my trusty iPhone. Now I can answer the same question that all of the celebrities are asked in those magazine columns: "What's on your iPod?"

Here's the list. Please note the order in which the songs are played. Variety is key. You have to surprise jolt yourself. Important stuff.

1. Solsbury Hill- Peter Gabriel
2. Mr. Wendel-
3. Whomp! There it is- Tag Team
4. Use Somebody- Kings of Leon
5. P.Y.T.- Michael Jackson
6. Bop- Dan Seals
7. Seasons of Love- Rent
8. Suddenly I See- KT Turnstall
9. Chorus- Erasure
10. Can't Get it Right Today- Joe Purdy
11. Your Wildest Dreams- Moody Blues
12. Hometown Honeymoon- Alabama
13. Baby Give it Up- KC and the Sunshine Band
14. You Spin Me Round- RATT
15. Beautiful Day- U2
16. Would You Go With Me- Josh Turner
17. Never Let You Go- Third Eye Blind
18. Mayor of Simpleton-
19. Keep Your Hands to Yourself- Georgia Satellite
20. Heat of the Moment- Asia
21. Love is The Right Place- Bryan White
22. And We Danced- The Hooters
23. One Less Lonely Girl- Justin Bieber
24. Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond
25. Send me On My Way- Rusted Root
26. Love is Stranger than Fiction- Joe Jackson
27. Don't Let's Start- They Might Be Giants
28. Shambala- Rockapella
29. So What- Pink
30. Fireflies- Owl City
31. Jump- Kriss Kross
32. Jesse's Girl- Rick Springfield
33. The Entertainer- Billy Joel
34. Holding Out for a Hero- Bonnie Tyler
35. I Believe- Cowboy Mouth
36. Eres Tu- Mocedades
37. Hands Open- Snow Patrol
38. Forever- Chris Brown
39. Take a Chance on Me- Erasure
40. Don't Stop Believing- Glee
41. -In Between Days- The Cure
42. Got My Mind Set On You- George Harrison
43. The Real End- Rickie Lee Jones
44. Lovely, Love my Family- The Roots
45. Love will Keep Us Together- Captain and Tennille
46. Come On Eileen- Dexy's Midnight Runners
47. The Sweet Escape- Gwen Stefani
48. Something to Believe In- Shawn Colvin
49. Superman- REM
50. Ordinary Miracle- Sarah McLaughlin

I know, I know. I put the hip back in hip replacement. Don't judge.


  1. OK - I love you b/c you have Rent on your ipod...and so do I! (Except I have almost the whole soundtrack and Alyssa has been singing La Vie Boeheme since she's like 4)

  2. Bieber? Really? I don't know Alex, we may not be able to be freinds any longer! It does make me feel better about having so much britney on my ipod.

  3. I LOVE your song choices. Please tell me you sometimes forget and start singing along....