Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My neuroses are getting worse. Or is that they are getting better? If something inherently negative is becoming more intense is that automatically an indication that they are worse? I would think that a neurosis were getting better that would mean that it were becoming more acute- ganing what it wants. I mean I'm sure that the neurosis itself doesn't want to become weaker, right?

I have that "invisible audience" thing going on right now. I feel like people are watching and caring about stuff that they don't care about. I was at the store yesterday and was sure that people were looking in my cart and judging me for what I was going to feed my family. I actually even picked up a box of Hamburger Helper because it has a "box top for education" symbol on it. And I'm all about Box Tops for Education. But then I sort of hid it behind the big container of organic strawberries. Like anybody would look in my cart? Jeez.... You'd think I were still 13.

But anyway, I feel like people are thinking things. And I put thought bubbles over their heads. I could be sitting in a circle of parents volunteering in Quirky's classroom and automatically think, "That lady thinks I'm a slob because I show up in my workout clothes every day. I bet she is sure that my kitchen counter is covered with crumbs and that I leave my clothes on the floor because if you look in my purse there are hundreds of receipts and half opened boxes of raisins and goldfish."

Anyone else have thought bubbles over people's heads?

I need reassurance here, people. The neuroses need to improve so they can gain strength like a hurricane and wipe out something.


  1. Honestly? I'm just relieved to hear that someone else is like this too! :-) Neuroses unite!

  2. uh oh... my counter IS covered in crumbs...