Friday, September 17, 2010


Finished procrastinating for now.... So now I'll procrastinate about doing other stuff by blogging.

Let's talk about intensity. Someone once told me that we are as humans "driven to experiences of extreme emotion." Agreed. I could buy stock in that. People ride roller coasters. People agree to fall in love. People sit in movie theaters to have their emotions yanked to both poles several times in 90 minutes, have children, go to haunted houses, hang out with exciting or funny people, watch Hallmark commercials, and climb Mt. Everest. Heck, some people even live along earthquake fault lines. (Not that doing that's any stupider than living in a hurricane prone area, mind you.)

I was out running yesterday in the heat and just loving it. I LOVE to sweat. Gross. You've seen the pic of me after running- surely it's haunting you as badly as the pic of my feet. (sorry.... go barf now) It's ugly. Heat while moving doesn't bug me at all.

But just standing in the driveway chatting with a neighbor in the summer in Houston is atrocious. Watching the kids play at the park is unbearable. I can't stand to sit still in the heat and humidity. AWFUL.

It's the same with walking. I can walk fast for hours- even stroll leisurely. Like the energizer bunny. Keep on going. But as for standing in line? Ugh. Or standing while some docent drones on and on during a tour? shudder. Keep it moving, people.

One would think that the solution would be to get off my feet. Well, sort of. I don't like sitting in chairs. If you peeked under the tablecloth at a fancy restaurant you'd see my feet curled up criss-cross-applesauce on the chair or booth. My feet have to be up off the floor. Horizontal is even better. Why don't they make more bars with loungers? I would be so much more amenable to sitting around chatting and having a cocktail if there were a place to stick my big old feet up. Bar stools suck.

So I wonder about these quirks. It would seem that I do perhaps live that intensity quote. No standing in the heat- only running. No standing- let's walk. No sitting- let's lounge. No matter what it is, let's do it with gusto.

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