Friday, January 28, 2011

ToMAYto/ToMAHto- whatever

See this? It's where I live. And I'm changing it.

I've been saying that it is my house. It's now my home.

Silly semantics. But they are so very very important, I've decided.

I've found myself in a slow and steady slide- and I'm stopping it now. Most ridiculously, I have begun to view all of the things I GET to do as things that I HAVE to do. Crazy!

I GET to help build and maintain my family's home.

I GET to make my children's lunches.

I GET to remove the trash and unwanted from our home.

I GET to fight with Quirky about how his letters should be written during homework.

I GET to preserve memories that are important to me.

I SHOULD savor this.


  1. Me too, thanks for the reminder!! <3

  2. Nice to see you again! Good way to think about things.