Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've got good things to report. My little boy has re-bonded with his first best buddy. There is nothing like it. Our good friends who moved to Baltimore last Fall have welcomed our chaotic motorcade into their house for a few days. This has been an anticipated highlight of the trip for the kiddos as they have missed their friends, Kirk and Avery, terribly.

But one always worries a little bit about that saying, "You can't go home again." Six months is an eternity for little guys. And though I brought Cash up here for a surprise trip in March a lot can happen in a few months.....

Well, my friends, I am happy to report that the magic is still there. Kirk and Cash have some amazing chemistry. They are just so soothed by each other's presence. It's magic, indeed. Happy boys.

Here are all four of the kiddos at the Maryland zoo having a good ole' time.

There's other chemistry going on during this journey- this time really really unpleasant. I had been wondering about an odor in my closet recently and just thought my shoes were stinking so I was throwing out old shoes. Everything just kind of smelled skunky.

So as I packed, I lovingly tucked in a never worn pair of red patent little ballet flats. I was so looking forward to wearing them with a little kicky denim skirt and some kind of cute top. I would be so fabulous in my new red shoes!!!

When we arrived in Charleston I opened my suitcase to get out swim clothes for the kids. Oh. My. Lord. The stench. There was clearly a moldy skunk living inside my suitcase. As my sister and I sorted, it became evident that the beloved new red shoes were the source of the nauseating odor. Crap. They ended up in a wastebasket in a Holiday Inn Express lobby in Mt. Pleasant, SC. If you ever stay there please forgive me for ruining your ambiance at the complimentary breakfast buffet. Barf.

But I've laundered all of the clothes in the suitcase and the stench remains. It's just with me until I can get home. Chemistry- what the hell did they make those shoes out of????

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  1. Ew, gross. Did you try baking soda or was the smell just too bad?