Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Glamorous Attempts

I adore stationery. As a matter of fact, I used to work in grad school at this high end stationer in San Antonio. It was ridiculous fun- the store front was in the mall but had these two big fancy tufted loveseats and antique writing desks, etc. I got to put together wedding invitation orders from families in Mexico. These were the most ornate, beautiful invitations you could imagine- family crests and insert after insert. Also somewhat stressful to proof, but that was just the flip dark side to the fun.

So this month The Boss Man's brother is getting married. It's all very very exciting. We are in loooooooove with his bride- I get a sister-in-law! So the ladies from our family got together and decided to host the bridal luncheon/ tea. I quickly grabbed dibs on getting the invites done. I want the pretty stuff, y'all. I don't want to be discussing shapes of pimiento cheese sandwiches with some dude in Virginia over the phone. Also, anyone who knows me well knows that I don't do details like that.... Just put out some food!!

But oh, I can spend hours at Berings looking at the pretties. And I had some interesting jumbles to throw into this one. The bride and groom are architects with somewhat less traditional senses of style than mine- in other words they are so much cooler than I am. They have used sort of blue and orange as their wedding colors- and all wording/invitations have been typeset in this kind of cool plain font.

Well.... I decided to do something a little bit different but keep the theme in mind. Here's the outcome.

So fun to see the finished product!

I spent the better part of a morning assembling them and addressing them using my very very best handwriting. I felt so pleased.

But here's a dirty little secret: While putting the printed card on top of the ribbon and under card I had to pull off scads of these little adhesive strips.

Maxi pads, anyone??

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