Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!!!!

The Annual July 4 parade was this weekend in our neighborhood. Obviously, it would be kind of odd if they held it on August 13, huh? My cousin, Jennie, calls it the annual melt down. Literally and figuratively. Houston is oppressive in July. And for whatever reason the parade always falls the day after some drenchingaccumulating rain. It is sticky, y'all. Bad. Add to it the meltdowns of toddlers who can't quite wait for the parade to start, poorly duct taped bows falling from tricycles, hungover fathers who don't want to be out there, and moms trying to keep it all together, it really is a recipe for a gigantic fondue sized meltdown.

But get me a skewer. I love that shit. I think it is hilarious-if you can avoid the meltdowns. I LOVE seeing the kids wearing red, white, and blue. The little old people out waving miniature flags. The Uncle Sam costume and the kazoo band are my personal faves.

Last year Matt was wearing his typical grey tshirt at the parade. He wears one every day. For real. We had an odd parading experience last year worthy of a contortionist. Each child was riding a teeny tiny training wheel bike. But they were scared in the crowd for us to let go. So we walked the half mile to the parade and the half mile during the parade leaning over sideways holding on to the handlebars of the teeny tiny bike. I kept trying to switch sides but learned that I could only steer from the right as otherwise little Sarah veered directly into my leg. Matt had the same situation going on with the boy.

When we finished the parade Matt looked at me and said, "Honey, I'm that guy now." Huh? He explained. "When I was growing up I used to look at my dad when we were working out in the yard and stuff and see that he had sweat around his stomach. You know, his shirt was all wet around his back and waist. Gross. But now I'm that guy." Sorry, honey. You are. We are..... those people. Lucky Americans.

*On the subject of The Boss Man's grey tshirts. We are currently accepting donations.
You can add to the collection at any time. Seriously- gray shirt with the university/college lettering across the front in a dark color. Wears them EVERY DAY)*

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  1. He really does wear one every day doesn't he?!