Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the Road

Checking in from Blacksburg, Virginia.

So far we've been to Raleigh/Durham, driven to Charleston, SC, up to Charlotte, NC, and back to Raleigh, then on to Blacksburg, VA.

It's been quite the adventure.... a missed flight (due to my own stupidity), eight people in a seven seat mini-van (I got to sit on the floor facing backwards dealing with the four kids due to my own stupidity again), a migraine/puking in a hotel room with four kids and two adults, and an iphone that totally quit so I had to buy a new one at almost full cost (thanks, Apple), and lots and lots of car time.

But it has also been soooo much chaotic fun. Quirky and Scrappy are excellent travelers. They have hilarious expectations and ideas. While passing an aircraft carrier in Charleston Cash wanted to know if they were Southwest Airlines planes on board. Sarah has developed a new accent that we can't quite figure out. They whine much less than expected and add a new perspective on everything we see.

Dealing with laundry on the road is a lot tougher than the kids. If only Cash wouldn't use his shirt like a napkin....

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